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From their gyms to their homes to meet-and-greets with the fans, Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks continue to prepare for their UFC 167 battle.

Jon ‘RONIN’ Aldridge – MMA Fighter

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Kerry Hughes  Undefeated MMA signed to Cagewarriors

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Tommy ‘Titanium’ Gunn

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Johny Hendricks shows his wrestling prowess and punching power in this UFC 117 bout against Charlie Brenneman.

Georges St-Pierre literally dropped to his knees in the Octagon begging for this rematch. UFC matchmaker Joe Silva heard his plea, giving GSP a second shot at Matt Hughes and the welterweight title.

One of UFC’s best pound-for-pound fighters, Georges St-Pierre has been unbeaten for six years. On November 16th, Montreal’s finest will face Johny Hendricks, a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion with one-punch knockout power.

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida breaks down, in ultra-slow motion, the moves that have made him famous. Watch for these moves as he battles Mark Munoz at UFC Manchester: Machida vs. Munoz